Help / FAQ

Q: How will I receive my purchase?


A:  You will be able to access your package online by logging into this site. You will be given a password after checkout. If you were not sent to a password page please email us and we will issue you a new password. For most documents there are no print and no download options, however, documents currently updated will now have a download option for offline viewing.





Q: I ordered two of the same packages or practice exams, can I get a refund?


A:  Yes, we will be happy to refund you for the extra packages you may of purchased by mistake.


Please note: due to the fact that the packages are digital, all sales are final, we can not issue refunds on purchases other than duplicate orders.



Q: How do I pay for my package?


A: At this time we accept payments by PayPal. You are still able to pay with a credit card even if you do not have a PayPal account, nor do you have to create one.



Q: How long will I have access to my package or practrice exam?


A: You will have access to your package/exam for a minimum of six months. If your password expires prior to that time, just send an email and we will issue a new password.



Q: Are these packages up to date?


A:  Yes, we update the content a few times a year. We are always updating and reviewing the content for accuracy.



Q: What can I use to access the quizzes?


A:  The quizzes are in flash, and will require a device that supports flash. Most PC's and Apple desktops support this.


At this time the quizzes will not work on devices such as mobile phone, tablets, ipods, iphones or ipads. UNLESS you use a flash capable browser.

Q:  I found an error, typo or incorrect information, what do I do? 


A:  Although we strive for accuracy , some mistakes can be missed. If you find a mistake please let us know so we can correct it.



Q: I didn't get a password, what do I do?


A: Sometimes pop-up blockers, anti-virus software or other settings will block the page that generates your password after check out.


Don't worry just send us an email and we will send you a new password.



Q: My password no longer works, what happened?


A:  Your password has expired because it has been over six months since your purchase.




A:  A systems update has been performed and your account my have been affected. Please contact us for a new password.




A:  Your password has been disabled because there has been multiple logins using your password. Your purchase is for single user license access to this site.


If you share your password it will be disabled and no refunds or new passwords will be issued. Your password is linked to your I.P address.



Q:  Why wont my results or review of questions display?


A:  A very small percentage of users have reported that the results are not displayed after completing a practice exam. This seems to be a browser issue and can be resolved by using a different browser such as Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer. 



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